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Covid-19 Update

We're still operating and available.
Coaching and facilitating is happening online, using tools which enable us to be just as engaging and interactive as we are in the room.

Days like these are when you need to be at your best.

Keep your eye on your (or your teams) professional development and give us a call to discuss coaching or facilitation.

Go well, stay safe and be kind.

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el camino (Spanish): the path; the journey; the way.

el camino provides professional services to help people find their way. We believe in people’s innate potential and capacity for growth. We inspire, challenge and support people to live and work in meaningful, productive, and connected ways.

el camino works in partnership with your organisation, to assess and fulfill your specific needs. We draw on proven theories and models, employ a range of effective learning methodologies, and provide high quality training, facilitation and coaching. This results in positive outcomes for individuals and a great return on investment for organisations. 





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 Pete Canny

0419 348 992

Renee Callander

0407 899 974


What We Do

Support people, teams and organisations to:

  • Work with emergent conditions.

  • Change & grow.

  • Communicate & collaborate.

  • Develop leadership capacity.

  • Find meaning & success in work & life.


How We Do It

Share experience, principles & practices through: 

  • Designing and delivering dynamic and engaging learning environments.

  • Facilitate in a way that opens participants minds and hearts.

  • Coach and develop high functioning leaders.

  • Offering ongoing care & support.

What We Know

That change is constant and that leader's work best when they are able to appreciate the emergent conditions around and within them.

Our major influences include:
Peter Senge, Otto Scharmer, Peter Block, Sir John Whitmore, Joseph Jaworski, Margaret Wheatley, Janice Marturano, Daniel Goleman, Martin Seligman, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Eckhart Tolle & Steven Covey. 

We study traditional & emerging wisdom and learn from our colleagues and clients.