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Learning and Development Pathways

el camino serves organisations by developing people, and the connections between people. We create space for transformational learning in our unique programs and provide ongoing support through coaching. By developing individuals in this way, positive team dynamics and organisational cultures are established. This maximizes the potential of the organisation and the success of the business. 

Our Approach to Consulting
el camino works in apragmatic way with our clients to ensure their highest satisfaction. Organisational dynamics can be vague and complex and we place an emphasis on clear communication of our observations and perspectives. Experience guides our belief that establishing a clear process through consultation, then adopting a flexible approach through delivery, enables best outcomes.

Working on the human side of organisations is both absolutely essential and profoundly rewarding. It is also enters into the complexity of human nature and requires a great deal of sensitivity and flexibility. Our facilitation methodology draws from complex adaptive systems thinking, modern physics, neuroscience and the social sciences.  We take these theoretical models and translate them into pragmatic and effective approaches to organisation development.

Honouring the innovation, wisdom and creativity which exist in every organisation, we work with groups to reveal and act on their potential. We pride ourselves on working in a way that draws people into their best way of being.

Drawing on many years of experience we work in a flexible way to suit the organisation and the group. Our expertise lies in being fully present to listen to the needs of clients and ask the questions which reveal both deeper understanding and potential directions to realise best outcomes.

Core Services 

Learning & Development

The Leader’s
Way Program

Facilitation &

We design and deliver training programs, covering organisation, leadership, team, and people development.

Our 6 month signature program, supporting the development of Leadership Character, Competence and Connection.

Experienced consultants provide personalised support for dealing with planning, change, conflict, and people development.




Common themes and topics we work with include:

  • Leadership Development 
  • Leading for Engagement and Accountability 
  • Safety Leadership 
  • Mindful Leadership 
  • Coaching Skills 
  • Facilitation Skills 
  • Team Development 
  • Communicating and Collaborating 
  • Client / Customer Service 
  • Conflict Management 
  • Change Management 
  • Mindfulness 
  • Wellness

Wellness Studio

In addition to providing services at your venue, we host a wellness studio that can be used for small to medium groups for a range of purposes. Regular wellness promoting activities, for example yoga classes, are held in our wellness studio. We also run residential courses, such as mindful leadership or wellness retreats, at venues outside of the city.